Radiology of lesions

Radiolucent lesions

A. Periapical radiolucency

B. Pericoronal radiolucency (impacted teeth)

C. Unilocular radiolucency

D. Unilocular radiolucency with ragged and poorly defined borders

E. Multilocular lesions

F. Multiple separate radiolucency

  • COD – early
  • Histiocytosis X – well defined, non corticated, punched out no jaw expansion, no root resorption, therefore floating teeth
  • KCOTUL/ML – Anterior posterior direction, radiopaque margin, no roots resorbed
  • Metastatic tumors of the jaw – moth eaten
  • Multiple myeloma – punched out, non corticated radiolucency

Mixed Radiopaque radiolucent lesions

Radiopaque lesions

A. Periapical radiopacity

B. Discrete and diffuse multifocal radiopacities

C. Generalized radiopacity

Distinctive radiological features

Cottonwool appearance:

Moth eaten appearance: