Adenomatoid odontogenic tumor

Two third tumor

  • 2/3 in female
  • 2/3 in maxilla
  • 2/3 anterior jaw
  • 2/3 associated with the crown of an impacted tooth


  • Slow growth
  • Asymptomatic


  • Well defined unilocular lesion – surround crown of an unerupted/impacted tooth
  • Radiolucent but small foci of radiopacity
  • Expansive but not invasive
  • Divergence of roots


  • Intracystic epithelial proliferation – composed of polyhedral/spindle cells forming lobular patterns or syncytia
  • Rosettes and duct like structures of columnar epithelial cells
  • Small foci of calcification, sheets of epithelial cells around microcyst
  • Positive stain: PAS


  • Conservative treatment – Enucleation
  • Don’t recur – benign and encapsulated


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