Dental fluorosis

Dental fluorosis

Developmental disturbance of dental enamel, caused by successive exposure to high concentrations of fluoride – 1.5 mg/l (1.5 ppm) in drinking water – during tooth development , leading to enamel with lower mineral content of increased porosity


Direct inhibitory effect on enzymatic action of ameloblasts leading to defective matrix formation and subsequent hypomineralization

Clinical features:

Generalized discoloration and pits

Fluorosis index

Management: Depends on severity

  • Bleaching
  • Composite restorations
  • Veneers
  • Full crowns

Chronological hypoplasia (Linear enamel hypoplasia)

A well demarcated area of enamel hypoplasia corresponding with the period of crown formation of permanent teeth (between birth and 6 years) due to nutritional defects eg. rickets, childhood diseases etc. that may cause temporary ameloblast dysfunction

Chronological hypoplasia (Linear enamel hypoplasia)

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