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Dear Students,

We all know the struggle against time when we are in medical/dental school. It is exhausting enough keeping up with all the new information incoming everyday, let alone to read all the various text books as well as class notes. This site is made for students, with summarized notes from various medical textbooks, medical websites as well as content taught in school put together in neat subsections for every topic, with bullet points and relevant images to help understand more deeply. It is to save you time that can be used for revision and quick referrals by having ready short notes at hand.

Having online short notes means you can refer on any device at any time and anywhere, without having to carry heavy books all day round and considering we are a generation glued to our phone, we might as well read on it too (when we’re done procrastinating). If you are a bookworm like me and need to have physical copy where you can highlight and place post-its, these notes can be printed too with a click of a button!

The medical field is extensive in terms of information and therefore this site forms the base of foundation for that knowledge to be built upon. Understanding the basic concept is important at this critical stage which you will use for the lifetime of your career, and this is all what the site is made for.

If this site helps you, please share with your friends, colleagues and mentees to benefit them too.

I wish you all the best in your studies/ practice,

Dr. Mistry

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