Salivary gland diseases

Developmental anomalies

  • Aplasia: Failure to form of the entire gland system or a constituent eg duct
  • Atresia: Duct blockage
  • Heterotopic tissue: Angle/ body of mandible, Stafne’s idiopathic bone cavity

Causes of salivary gland swelling

  1. Inflammation/ Sialadenitis*
    – Acute and chronic bacterial
    – Viral
    – Post irradiation
    – Necrotizing sialometaplasia
    – Sjogren’s syndrome
  2. Duct obstruction*
    – Sialolithiasis
    – Mucoceles
  3. Neoplasms
  4. Sialosis*
  5. Drugs
  6. Deposits eg amyloid.
  7. Cystic fibrosis (rare!)
  8. Other causes of inflammation:*
    – Granulomatous dx
    – Cysts
    – Pneumoparotitis

A) Sialadenitis

B) Sjogren’s syndrome

C) Salivary duct obstruction

D) Sialosis/Sialadenosis

E) Other causes of inflammation

Age changes in salivary glands

– Weight reduction
– Atrophy of secretory tissue
– Replacement with fibro-fatty tissue
– Oncocytic change (large cells, granular cytoplasm)

Salivary gland diseases